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Kaffee Skateboards Logo Shirt

Tired of waiting in line for a brick with a logo on it? Or even camp for weeks to get your stuff?

Treat yourself with some high quality Kaffee Skateboards "Baumwoll Bohne", made in portugal and designed in Frankfurt!

Deniz (left) wears the regular fit, size L, which only has a small print on the chest.  Manuel (right) wears the oversized fit in size XL with the logo printed on the back only.



We start a limited pre-order period and produce the shirt exclusively for you!

Pre-order phase startin from 18.06.2023 until 25.06.2023

Costs: 34,95 € per shirt

If you selected "pick up", we will contact you after the shirts have been delivered to us. Otherwise, you will get infomred about your package with a tracking number, when it is on to way to you.



- Made in Portugal
- 100% Organic Cotton
- Unisex
- Pre-shrunk

Regular Fit

- 210GSM
- Regular Fit



Oversize fit

- 235GSM
- Heavyweight Jersey
- RIB 1X1 with 5%Licra 
- Oversized Fit
- Dropped Shoulders